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Now powered by Any Ipsum

Last month, we released the Any Ipsum WordPress plugin for people that were interested in creating their own custom ipsum generator.

Since I firmly believe in dogfooding, the Bacon Ipsum generator is now completely powered by this plugin as of today!

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Any Ipsum

Ever since Bacon Ipsum launched back in June 2011, a huge number of alternative ipsum generators have popped up on the net.  I’m not sure if this site was the catalyst for this or not, but I like to think so.   🙂

I often see “Someone should make an X ipsum…” with X being something that doesn’t exist yet.  If you weren’t a developer, making your own ipsum generator could be difficult, but no more.

Today we released Any Ipsum, a WordPress plugin that will let you create your own alternative custom ipsum generator.  As an example, I created a Meme Ipsum generator in just a few minutes, and eventually we’ll be converting Bacon Ipsum over to use this new plugin.  It has all the features our site does: front-end HTML form, JSON API, oEmbed, etc.

So if you have an idea for the next big ipsum, give it a try!  By default, it installs bacon ipsum (hey, I’m rather fond of it), but it’s very easy to customize it to your liking.

Big thanks to Sarah Martin for the new logo:



screenshot-2 screenshot-3

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Bacon Reader

Google is using some Bacon Ipsum for their design guidelines, down in the Feed Reader sample.


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SSL on Bacon Mockup

SSL has been enabled for images on baconmockup in case you need that sort of thing:

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Fun bacon

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Chromed Bacon

In an effort to give you as many ways as possible to make your filler text even meatier, we whipped up a simple Chrome App for generating bacon ipsum text.  Source is also available on GitHub.


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A speedier baconmockup

I recently moved baconmockup over to an Amazon EC2 micro instance, mostly to improve the performance over the shared hosting it was on.  It also gives me a chance to get reacquainted with the LAMP stack (Ubuntu in this case), EC2 and the whole Amazon Web Services platform.

Enjoy your speedier meaty placeholder images!

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If you use Alfred, now there is a Bacon Ipsum workflow.

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Bacon-wrapped shrimp

A perfect SXSW compliment to Bacon Ipsum


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Bacon Mockup now in WordPress

When I first wrote Bacon Mockup, it was done as a standalone PHP site and it’s worked pretty well, but I decided a while back to redo it entirely in WordPress.  It gives me better management capabilities when it comes to adding new images and content, plus much easier image resizing.

The plugin code I wrote that dynamically generates images for specific dimensions from the media library has been added to GitHub and it should be pretty easy to use this to create your own placeholder image site.

Today, I switched over to WordPress.  Here’s a little sample of what it looks like.

All of the placeholder images have been resized to 2048×2048 (WordPress scales down easily, but not so much scaling up) and uploaded into the media library.


Using post meta on attachments, I can flag an image to be used by the code that dynamically generates images based on dimensions.  The other items are used for Creative Commons attribution.

Using a rewrite rule, we pass image dimensions into the plugin (ex:  It looks for an existing image of that size, and if one doesn’t exist, it gets created on-the-fly using image_make_intermediate_size.

It looks like it’s working pretty well so far, but if you run into any issues, please let me know.

Thanks and have a meaty day!


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