Bacon is the way.

I recently received and email titled “You’re in Star Wars” and it caught my eye. In The Mandalorian season 3, episode 6 (Chapter 22: Guns for Hire), there’s a scene with a lot of Aurebesh on a screen, which is a type of writing used in many Star Wars movies and shows. Someone translated it back to English, and it turns out they used Bacon Ipsum to fill in part of the screen.

Is it canon that Bacon Ipsum exists in the Star Wars universe now? This is the way.

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Just found out that that you can generate Bacon Ipsum with a simple ChatGPT request. We didn’t have to do anything to make this work.

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Ten Years of Bacon Ipsum Giveaway

How It Started

June 3rd 2011. A silly idea popped into my head: “Why not make a lorem ipsum generator using all words of meat?” After some array randomizing and string concatenation, the initial functioning code was done.

A short time later, after purchasing the domain name and launching the site, I passed it along to my co-worker Sarah, who later designed our iconic pig logo.

After a few tweets, it started going viral a few days later, and the rest is history!

How It’s Going

Ten years later, there’s still thousands of people each week coming to the web site and JSON API to generate their meaty filler text!

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Meaty Responsive Web Design

Check out Google’s docs!

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Dungeons and Bacon

Check out the video:

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Securing the bacon

Later this year, we’ll be switching the site over to HTTPS only, instead of both HTTP and HTTPS as it is now.  If you use the site in a browser, this should not have any impact on you, but if you have an API that is using HTTP, you’ll want to get that updated to use HTTPS.

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Text me bacon

I’m currently attending php[world] 2016 and went to a great talk by David Stockton on integrating SMS and voice calls with PHP.  After discovering how easy it is to set up, I added text message support to Bacon Ipsum.

Give it a try! Text ‘bacon ipsum’ to 512-233-6634.


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What does the cow say?

Props to @JBasoo for this little tidbit.

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We’ve decorated for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, so we added some snow to the site and our pig is keeping warm thanks to an ugly sweater by Kenzie Moss (psst… she’s a great designer, hire her!)

Here’s a screenshot in case you missed it…


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Now it’s even easier to bulk generate posts using WP-CLI

A few months ago, we published a blog posts on how to bulk generate posts using the WP-CLI and the Bacon Ipsum API.  Well, now it’s even faster and easier.

The latest release of the Any Ipsum plugin has WP-CLI support built-in to generate posts with filler content.  First, install and activate the plugin from the command-line.  By default, the plugin comes with Bacon Ipsum filler content.

wp plugin install any-ipsum --activate

Then, use the new any-ipsum generate-posts command to generate posts.  It defaults to ten posts, but you can pass in the number of posts to generate if you want more or fewer.

wp any-ipsum generate-posts

Boom, instant filler content.


There are several options, so check out wp help any-ipsum generate-posts for a full list of what you can do with it.  Enjoy!

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