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I don’t always test my code

I happy rolled out the API, did some basic testing and it all worked fine, but it was all from within the API’s own page.  Sure enough, external calls weren’t working.  I’ve done some tweaks to the PHP code and the sample code so it should all be working now.

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Judiciously sprinkle over nachos

Ok, so JSON actually stands for JavaScript Object Notation, but who doesn’t like bacon on nachos?

Anyway, we’ve rolled out an API for bacon ipsum.  You pass in what you want generated, we return a JSON string array of paragraphs.  There’s some sample jQuery code too.

Give it a try and I hope to see various WordPress and jQuery plugins, browser extensions, etc. taking advantage of this in the future.

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Nothing meaty about SOPA

The site is hosted at DreamHost but domain registration is hosted at GoDaddy.  Due to GoDaddy’s decision to support SOPA, we’re in the process of transferring the domain over to DreamHost.  The site may be down for a little bit, but y’all should be on vacation and don’t need any filler text for a while anyway.  🙂

Update: “We’re happy to report that your domain registration for has successfully been transferred to DreamHost! “

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