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Now it’s even easier to bulk generate posts using WP-CLI

A few months ago, we published a blog posts on how to bulk generate posts using the WP-CLI and the Bacon Ipsum API.  Well, now it’s even faster and easier.

The latest release of the Any Ipsum plugin has WP-CLI support built-in to generate posts with filler content.  First, install and activate the plugin from the command-line.  By default, the plugin comes with Bacon Ipsum filler content.

wp plugin install any-ipsum --activate

Then, use the new any-ipsum generate-posts command to generate posts.  It defaults to ten posts, but you can pass in the number of posts to generate if you want more or fewer.

wp any-ipsum generate-posts

Boom, instant filler content.


There are several options, so check out wp help any-ipsum generate-posts for a full list of what you can do with it.  Enjoy!

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