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Chris McCoy (who did the Bacon Ipsum WordPress plugin) made some cool animated banners for us.  Thanks Chris, very nice!

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jQuery Plugin

I whipped up a little Bacon Ipsum jQuery plugin that uses our API to generate some meaty goodness.  When you’re mocking up a design, now you can use this plugin in your HTML rather than static text.

You can reference the plugin from our server or download it and use it locally.

The easiest way to use it is just to call the method with no options.

You can also pass in options.

$('#placeholder).BaconIpsum({ type:'all-meat', paras:5, start_with_lorem:false });
$('#placeholder).BaconIpsum({ type:'meat-and-filler', sentences:1, start_with_lorem:true });

  • type: either ‘all-meat’ or ‘meat-and-filler’
  • paras: number of paragraphs
  • sentences: number of sentences (this overrides paragraphs)
  • start_with_lorem: true or false to start the text with ‘Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet’
  • no_tags: true or false, pass true to not wrap the return value in <p> tags
  • set_value: sets the element value rather than appending

There’s a sample page on GitHub with some example code.

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South by South Bacon

My feet and voice are still recovering from SXSW Interactive but I had a great time.  There’s a huge stack of web development notes and slides for me to go through and some R&D to improve my development skills.

I also met a ton of people that use Bacon Ipsum on a regular basis.  Someone even thought it was my startup and wanted a pitch.  Hehehe…

Some of the folks that stopped to get a picture with me.


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Fred likes speck


This is Fred.  She likes speck and wanted it added to Bacon Ipsum, so we did. 

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Clyde is a fan

Clyde the boxer (a rescue dog) is also a fan of Bacon Ipsum.  However, he’s also a fan of every other type of food, so this isn’t saying much.

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Modernipsum and WordPress

I found a couple things buried in my inbox…

  1. Modernipsum – An artier lorem ipsum generator
  2. bacon-ipsum WordPress plugin by Chris McCoy (uses our API)


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Bacon reigns supreme

Gavin Rehkemper posted a list of Top 10 Lorem Ipsum Generators on the Internet and Bacon Ipsum is #1.

But I don’t need a list to tell me that.  🙂

SXSW starts tomorrow, hope to meet some Bacon Ipsum fans!

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Find me at SXSW

I’ll be attending SXSW Interactive this year and I hope to meet some fans of Bacon Ipsum. If you see someone that looks like Pvt. Pyle from Full Metal Jacket wearing a Bacon Ipsum shirt, it’s probably me.  I promise I won’t eat your jelly donuts.

Or keep an eye out for my Bacon Ipsum badge.  @jenkcunningham makes custom Twitter badges for people.  You should get one.  They’re awesome.

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@Scrobby has whipped up an iOS Bacon Ipsum app and it’s now available in the App Store (iPhone and iPad).

Looks pretty good!  I think I need to do some UI improvements to my Android app now.  Thanks Scrobby!

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