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As seen on a postcard

I’m not sure how they got the site to generate filler in pen, but it’s a cool trick. ¬†ūüėČ



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Updates to the API

We have some new updates to the Bacon Ipsum API:

New formats: ‘text’ and ‘html’ if you need responses in something other than the default JSON format. ¬†Ex:¬†¬†(Thanks to Shawn Hooper for new formats).

Ranges for paragraphs: Need to generate a random number of paragraphs?  We support that now, just put the range in the paras parameter, ex: paras=3-7

These same updates have been made to the Any Ipsum WordPress plugin.

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Bulk generating WordPress posts with filler content using WP-CLI and the Bacon Ipsum API

I recently attended WordCamp Miami and Shawn Hooper gave an excellent talk on using the WordPress command-line interface (WP-CLI) to manage your WordPress install.  One of the items he covered was bulk generating posts so you have some initial content to use when developing a new theme or other functionality.  Check out all the slides on his site.

Using the “wp post generate” command, you can have WordPress bulk generate a specific number of posts. ¬†By default, these posts are empty, but by including a curl command to the Bacon Ipsum API, you can have the posts automatically filled with Bacon Ipsum filler content.

curl "" | wp post generate --count=50 --post_content

The one drawback to this method is the results of the API call are used for every post, so each post has the same filler content. ¬†However, using a “for” loop in the terminal, we can generate unique filler content for each post. ¬†It takes longer to generate the posts, but you will get unique content. ¬†For example, this will generate five posts with unique content.

for n in {1..5}; do curl "" | wp post generate --count=1 --post_content; done

You’ll get output that looks something like this.


I’m also thinking of adding range values or a ‘random’ parameter to the API so you can get content of varying lengths, such as 1-5 paragraphs instead of always a fixed length.

FYI, Shawn also contributed code to the Any Ipsum plugin¬†at the beginning of WordCamp Miami to allow the API to return text or HTML instead of just JSON so he could use it in his talk. ¬†It’s really great to be able to incorporate a new feature right away and many thanks to Shawn for the new features.


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