The Bacon Ipsum¬†JSON API is a REST interface¬†for generating meaty lorem ipsum text and can be used by any application. Pass in the following parameters using an HTTPS GET and we’ll return a JSON string array of paragraphs.


  • type: all-meat for meat only or meat-and-filler for meat mixed with miscellaneous ‘lorem ipsum’ filler.
  • paras: optional number of paragraphs, defaults to 5.
  • sentences: number of sentences (this overrides paragraphs)
  • start-with-lorem: optional pass 1 to start the first paragraph with ‘Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet’.
  • format: ‘json’ (default), ‘text’, or ‘html’


Some sample jquery code!

			{ 'type':'meat-and-filler', 'start-with-lorem':'1', 'paras':'3' }, 
			if (baconGoodness && baconGoodness.length > 0)
				for (var i = 0; i < baconGoodness.length; i++)
					$("#baconIpsumOutput").append('<p>' + baconGoodness[i] + '</p>');

Run the sample!

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